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Welcome to our brand. Prime Sportswear is the only stop you need to take when considering both gym and sportswear. Crafted with the consumer in mind, we have designed our clothing to provide a stylish set of attire to reach your fitness goals. Not only is your performance taken into consideration, however we’ve taken our time to ensure comfort and feasibility are at the pinnacle of our design principles.

Everyone at Prime Sportswear has a dense sporting background, accomplishing a variety of feats within their respective sport. This has given us the edge, knowing the problems that other brands face when it comes to their clothing decisions. We’ve been able to mold these mistakes with our fresh ideas to provide an arsenal of beautiful designs, across a variety of products.

Get prime with Prime and make a positive change to your life today.


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Our clothing comprises of products aimed at improving your fitness life. We have a variety of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps and Sports Vests for both Men and Women, whilst having unisex options. Sizing is important for us, as consumers who may just be beginning their fitness journey need to be catered for. We offer all sizes through S-XXL therefore having fits for everyone.

All products are sourced from reliable and ethical suppliers, being tested vigorously to ensure a quality finish. We’re constantly developing our front line products and have some extremely exciting product launches soon to come with exclusive Gym Water Bottles, Protein Shakers and other such items to make your sporting life that bit easier.

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